TV Tycoon (AKA TV Manager 1)

Platforms: Windows
Release Date: 2001
Genre(s): Busines Simulation, TV Scheduling
Publisher(s): eGames
Developer: Neils Bauer Games
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TV Tycoon is sold by eGames under license from Neils Bauer Games who developed the game and initially sold it as ‘TV Manager’.  As the developer has released a sequel ‘TV Manager 2’, it no longer sells TV Manager 1, which now seems to be available exclusively as ‘TV Tycoon’.

Like the sequel to its original namesake, TV Tycoon is ultimately a monotonous game.  It features a black and white menu interface but is otherwise very similar to TV Manager 2, with the exception of the available movies and advertising contracts within the games database.  The map is also limited to the USA and features fewer affiliate and tower locations.

Best to skip over this one for another – almost any other – game in the television simulation and management genre.


In Summary

Thumbs up THE GOOD: 

  • First Windows game in the TV tycoon genre.
  • Indie developer
Thumbs up THE BAD: 

  • Few features
  • Boring black & white interface
  • Mundane gameplay

TV Tycoon (AKA TV Manager 1), 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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