TV Manager 2

Platforms: Windows
Genre(s): Business Simulation, TV Scheduling
Publisher(s): Niels Bauer Games
Developer: Niels Bauer Games
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TV Manager 2, the sequel/update to the earlier TV Manager (now no longer available), is an indie release by Neils Bauer Games.  TV Manager 2 does boast an array of improvements and new features over its predecessor, but still remains – unfortunately – one of the poorer games in the TV management simulation genre.

The game utilizes a simple interface with menu buttons, presenting new menus from which your station is managed.  The update does feature some well-made colour graphics for the menus, which is a huge improvement over the original black and white interface of TV Manager 1 (now discontinued).

TV Manager 2‘s focus is primarily that of a television station scheduling game.  Emphasis is clearly placed on the day-to-day program scheduling.  Unfortunately this becomes quite mundane.  Essentially your daily routine will consist of buying movies, accepting available advertising contracts and scheduling these.  Should you choose to air news programs you may select from a few news different stories for the day, in much the same way you do in Mad TV.  That is the extent of the game, aside from a few minor features (such as being able to call in a liquidator to declare bankruptcy, or buy/sell shares in your own tv station and competitors).  There is absolutely no ability to produce your own programming, aside from selecting which news articles to air in your bulletin.  The premium edition of the game does however, include a game editor, which allows you to add your own movies, series and advertisements to the game.

The one innovative feature of the game is its application of both turn-based and time-based gameplay formats.  This allows you to take all the time in the world scheduling your programming for the day before ending your turn, at which point the game clock will start and allow you to monitor your ratings, advertising successes and audience reactions live as your station broadcasts.

The game is available in a number of different packages, which we have laid out below.  Ultimately, however, the game fails to live up to others in the television simulation genre.  While obviously inspired by Mad TV, TV Manager 2 remains thoroughly more mundane and with much less lasting appeal.

Standard Edition – US$9.95 on special (normally US19.95)
This includes the following features:

  • USA & EU maps
  • Max 3 computer competitors
  • Turn-based phase and real-time phase
  • 250 movies in 12 different genres
  • 3 scenarios – Long, Normal, Fast


Premium Edition – US $29.95 (25% saving)
Including the following additional features-

  • UK, France and Germany maps
  • 3 additional scenarios (24 turns, custom scenario & expert mode)
  • Movie, ad and news editor – make your own content
  • 100 additional movies
  • Booster Cards


Booster Cards – US$7.95

  • 20 booster cards allowing you to optionally modify gameplay.
  • Eg, run simply a news network.


In Summary

Thumbs up THE GOOD: 

  • Clever use of both turn-based and time-based gameplay.
  • Game editor allowing you to add/edit movies and advertisements in premium version only.
Thumbs up THE BAD: 

  • No in-house programming or original productions;
  • Scheduling gets very monotonous very quickly.

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