Platforms: DOS
Release Date: 1996
Genre(s): Business Simulation, Network/Station Manager
Publisher(s): Rainbow Arts
Developer: Greenwood Entertainment
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Mad TV 2 (1996) is the sequel to the earlier Mad TV, but unlike the earlier game is released only in German. While vaguely comprehensible with the assistance of an online translator for those with a very limited understanding of the German language, this prevents really enjoying what could possibly be one of the best games in the television tycoon genre.

Given the limited understanding of the language when playing this game, this is less a review and more of a resource page relating to the game.  We have given the game a score of 0, not because that is what we believe it deserves, but because it is essentially impossible to truly review or understand a game without understanding the language.

It can be noted that Mad TV 2 boasts improved graphics over its predecessor, although I am not entirely sure the improvement is indicative of general graphics enhancements over the 5-year gap between games.

Instead of being based inside one tower or building, tv stations are managed from various buildings along a small road, somewhat like a studio backlot.  You may manage your programming from anywhere, via the PDA accessible from the bottom menu.

One new feature worth a mention is the ability to multichannel. While you start off with only one station, new networks may be added.  Thus you can have a network which focuses on general programming, another which is dedicated to movies, and a third for perhaps airing exclusive series.  This feature is present in only a handful of other games in the tv network sim genre.

Mad TV 2 Startup ScreenMad TV 2 - PDA Scheduling Mad TV 2 - Bazaar

In Summary

Thumbs up THE GOOD: 

  • Updated graphics.
  • Multi-channel feature is television station manager genre first.
Thumbs up THE BAD: 

  • Only available in German
  • Seems a little too quirky.

MAD TV 2, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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