Review: MAD TV 2

In Summary THE GOOD:  Updated graphics. Multi-channel feature is television station manager genre first. THE BAD:  Only available in German Seems a little too quirky.
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MAD TV: First Studio for Money Cheat

You can gain hundreds of millions of dollars by exploiting this cheat in MAD TV, but note: to do so, you will need to give up the studio you start with (size 1). Directions: Go to the real estate office. Click on the wall with the towers layout.  This...
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Review: MAD TV

Mad TV, the ‘other’ classic dos game in the television station simulation genre, is able to sustain your attention for much longer than the earlier ‘TV Mogul‘. By default, you play Archie, the new programming manager for Mad TV. The station’s manager has brought you in to increase ratings,...
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