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Review: TV Manager 2

TV Manager 2, the sequel/update to the earlier TV Manager (now no longer available), is an indie release by Neils Bauer Games.  TV Manager 2 does boast an array of improvements and new features over its predecessor, but still remains – unfortunately – one of the poorer games in...
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Remakes of Mad TV

In addition to the original Mad TV game, which can be downloaded here there are a number of remakes and reboots of Mad TV. This is a complete list of known Mad TV remakes and reboots.   Official Sequel The official sequel, Mad TV 2 was released only in...
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DOS Archive of TV Sim Games Completed is pleased to announce that its archive of DOS games in the television station simulation genre has been completed. Though only 3 DOS games in the tv management sim genre are known to us, they have now all been reviewed. Some additional information will be added to these...
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