Platforms: Windows
Release Date: 2003
Genre(s): Business Simulation, Television Network Simulation
Publisher(s): Bogus Entertainment
Developer: Bogus Entertainment
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Tips to preventing Prime Time! from crashing

PrimeTime! is quite a buggy game, however it can run for long periods (more than 20 years or television seasons).  While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what allows this to happen smoothly, below are some tips and tricks which may help prevent Prime Time from crashing.

  • Don’t alter the network’s names in the game settings.
  • At the end of each season, renew everything on your schedule – even if you want to cancel it.  Once the new season has started, you may replace the show (or do so before the season ends), as the shows which are inactive will also be canceled.
  • Do not schedule any series more than once per week.  If it is a one hour show it may appear on the schedule in 2 sequential half hour slots.  This is normal.  However, do not broadcast a show say Every Tuesday & Thursday at 8PM, or weeknights at 10pm.  This may cause errors.


Do you have any other hints to help prevent PrimeTime! from crashing?  Please use the contact us and let us know.

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