Platforms: DOS
Release Date: 1991
Genre(s): Business Simulation
Publisher(s): Rainbow Arts
Developer: Rainbow Arts
Get it: Download
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MAD TV: First Studio for Money Cheat

You can gain hundreds of millions of dollars by exploiting this cheat in MAD TV, but note: to do so, you will need to give up the studio you start with (size 1).


  1. Go to the real estate office.
  2. Click on the wall with the towers layout.  This should bring up a new screen with the towers layout – from which you can rent/un-rent various locations (when they later become available in the game).
  3. Find the studio you currently rent on the map and agree to give up the lease.
  4. Click on the studio again, you can rent it back – but notice this time the rent has increased.  Agree to rent it.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 many times.  At first you will go into a negative balance, but eventually – you will have hundreds of millions of dollars.  Keep an eye on your balance as you repeat steps 3-4.
  6. Once your balance goes from negative to +, ensure you are no longer renting the premises and leave the real estate office.


You will have given up your first studio, but later even larger studios will become available in the game.  Until then at least, you have lots of money to expand your archive and audience.

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