Download: Prime Time! Demo

v1.0 of the PrimeTime! demo file can be downloaded below.  Read our review here. Game was released and developed by Bogus Entertainment. Bogus Entertainment reserve all rights. {filelink=3}
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Tips to preventing Prime Time! from crashing

PrimeTime! is quite a buggy game, however it can run for long periods (more than 20 years or television seasons).  While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what allows this to happen smoothly, below are some tips and tricks which may help prevent Prime Time from crashing. Don’t alter...
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Remakes of Mad TV

In addition to the original Mad TV game, which can be downloaded here there are a number of remakes and reboots of Mad TV. This is a complete list of known Mad TV remakes and reboots.   Official Sequel The official sequel, Mad TV 2 was released only in...
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