New game ‘Broadcast Empire’ in development

The development of a new game, ‘Broadcast Empire‘ has just come to the attention of TVTG – and we’re incredibly excited about the potential of this new television industry simulation game. According to their website, the game will include the following features: Ability to create your own television shows...
Posted 06 Nov 2012 | News | 10 Comments

Review: PrimeTime!

PrimeTime! was one of the most feature-packed games in the television simulation genre.  Released and developed by Bogus Entertainment, the game is no longer supported or available from their website.  However, a demo is available to download here. Taking the role of the new chief of one of the...
Posted 17 May 2011 | Reviews | 34 Comments

Tips to preventing Prime Time! from crashing

PrimeTime! is quite a buggy game, however it can run for long periods (more than 20 years or television seasons).  While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what allows this to happen smoothly, below are some tips and tricks which may help prevent Prime Time from crashing. Don’t alter...
Posted 17 May 2011 | Misc | No Comments
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